We spent about a year planning and designing this series because we’re fascinated by the emergence of more conscious ways of doing business. We wanted to create a space for a global conversation around the topic of conscious business with some of the world’s forefront pioneers, bringing a multitude of perspectives to the table, from theorists to consultants, from entrepreneurs to teachers.

We called the series ‘Waking up the Workplace’ as this is the work we feel ourselves to be in.  Each in our own way, we are exploring practical and transformative ways to wake up the workplace.  What do we mean by this?

We mean the both an awakening, and the workplace in the widest sense of the terms.  We mean the workplace, not simply as an office or company, but the domain of working itself. The place where work occurs, where human being come together in service of something larger than their individuality.

What we mean by awakening is waking up to the inherent potential in all of us, regardless of mission or purpose. Everyone has latent potential that can be released.  And we mean waking up to the higher potentials of a conscious approach to business, where personal mission and organizational purpose entwine themselves around each other in a new and exciting integration fit for the purposes of a truly 21st century world and marketplace..

If Conscious Business is the destination, then the aspiration to wake up the workplace is the road that could lead us to it. What does our destination look like, and how much building do we need to do? How do we navigate the problems of today’s workplace to get there? What does it ask of each of us?

These are the questions that we believe need to be explored, and why we’ve created this series.


About Us

Who is behind the Waking up the Workplace series?  Three friends and colleagues who share an Amsterdam life and dreams of a new kind of business.

Diederick Janse I am a co-founder of Realize!, an Amsterdam-based consulting firm working with fast-growing companies. I’m passionate about redefining and redesigning organization(s), I practice Shaoling Kungfu, and I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with my cat and my girlfriend, Elke. Within Waking Up the Workplace, my main role is that of Content Director, which goes together well with my obsession with integrity.

Jeroen Maes I am highly driven to create a meaningful impact; to challenge people’s attitudes, support them in creating wonders and living a beautiful life. I am dedicated to realize this by exploring the edge of human thinking, sharing my insights and by co‐creating a society that can adapt to the challenges of our times. Currently, Realize! is the awesome vehicle I choose to use to manifest this vision.

Ewan Townhead I trained in Performing Arts, but during some soul searching after university decided to swap art for business.  I am fascinated by the big pictures of what business could be, and the gritty detail of how we work with each other to manifest our passions.  I was the co-founder of Integral Europe,  have managed an International MBA program at a Dutch business school and also worked in Training & Development for Booking.com. I am now a full card carrying member of the idealistic entrepreneurs club.

See behind the scenes of Waking Up the Workplace

We use Holacracy, a cutting edge practice for organisations that re-codes the underlying operating system such that working together becomes both brutally efficient and a practice in and of itself.

And in the spirit of transparency, you can see the organisational workings of Waking Up the Workplace by looking clicking below.

Waking Up the Workplace’s Holacratic Structure