Conscious Business is Transforming the way the World Works

Business is one of the most powerful forces in the modern world.  And yet work is usually seen as a method solely for making money.  Why is business falling short of its potential to create truly global change in the way that we live and work?

What would happen if we saw the business of work, not just as a means for trade and profit, but as a vehicle for realizing our deepest human potentials in a conscious and creative transformation?

This is the question at the heart of the ‘Waking up the Workplace’ series.  We invite you to join the conversation and help transform business into an expression of sustainable change in the world.


During the Series you can Discover Answers to the Following Questions

  • How can we design business as a force for good and transformation?
  • How can we bring our hearts and souls to work, while still being effective and practical?
  • What are the most powerful and cutting-edge tools available that you can use in business?
  • Why is consciousness our greatest asset in business?
  • How can we make a living doing what we love, while also making a difference to the world?

Participation is Free

The lauded Waking Up the Workplace interview series was conducted in 2011 with some of the greatest minds in conscious business. Our interviews have been accessed over 20,000 times since then.

Listen to the entire series for free and access the transformative power of conscious business.