Consciousness is our Greatest Asset

The lauded Waking Up the Workplace interview series was conducted in 2011 with some of the greatest minds in conscious business.

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In This Free Interview We Explore…

Brian’s biggest insight from all his years as an entrepreneur?

That consciousness is our greatest asset! Because there’s often a gap between those two. And that can make you feel pretty miserable, or even throw up on your way home from work in your first week at your shiny new corporate job, like Brian did. What was missing for him, was being passionate about what he was doing.

Which is pretty much what Brian went on and dedicated his life to doing.

  • How Brian’s work is about giving his greatest gifts in greatest service to the world.
  • Why you couldn’t pay Brian not to meditate or excersise.
  • Why integrity is central to fulfilling your life goals.
  • How happiness is the ultimate currency against which to measure business.
  • Which businesses Brian would consider stepping out of entrepreneurship to join


Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Consciousness is our Greatest Asset

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About Brian

As the Philosopher + CEO of en*theos, Brian has fun inspiring and empowering peeps to live their most authentically awesome lives.

A few years ago Brian realized he wasn’t quite rockin’ his dharma, so he decided to sell the business he was running and give himself a Ph.D. in Optimal Living. He couldn’t find a program that integrated everything he wanted to study—from old school philosophy, positive psychology and spirituality to nutrition, health & fitness, creativity, business and modern self-development. So, he decided to create his own doctoral program.

He earned his Master’s by creating an innovative company called PhilosophersNotes where he shares “More Wisdom in Less Time” by distilling the Big Ideas from one hundred of his favorite optimal living classics into fun, inspiring and super practical 6-page PDFs, 20-minute MP3s and 10-minute PNTV episodes. Optimal Living 101 (both the class and the accompanying book to be published in 2011) is his dissertation.

In his past lives, Brian created the social networking sites eteamz and Zaadz. He’s a proud law school drop out who enjoys spooning with his Goddess when he’s not reading or hiking or creating or otherwise enjoying himself.