…and Learn the Key Principles of Practicing Conscious Business with these Pioneers…

This is a call to action…

Business can be different. Really different. And we’re so sick of business-as-usual we decided to rock the boat.

Consider this…

What would it look like if business was a vehicle for transformation, and changing the world, rather than simply a means for trade and profit?

What would it feel like if everything you did was an expression of your deeper ideals? How big would the impact be!?

That was the question at the heart of last year’s ‘Waking up the Workplace’ interview series, where we asked 17 leading Conscious Business experts what a new vision of business could look like, and how they’re creating it in their own work.

It was a deeply inspiring and humbling exploration of how different things can be.

It started to uncover the big picture of what’s possible and what’s already happening in boardrooms and workplaces around the world. Pioneers of this new way of business are rewriting the rules. It’s radical, it’s exciting and it’s nothing like what’s gone before (really).

And now we’re inviting you to be a part of the next phase of this audacious mission…

BE an agent of conscious change in your own life and work

Thousands of people have been inspired by the vision we’ve set forth.

But being the ambitious chaps we are, we weren’t satisfied by inspiring idealism. We asked a bigger question.

What’s the real world impact that’s on the other side of these ideas? How do we really start to practice conscious business? How do we exemplify this new way of working and transform the world of work in a real radical way?

Well, we’ve been working our proverbial butts off the last few months on this…

We’ve lined up some of the most inspiring experts (in our humble opinion) that we interviewed last year to offer you some next level help.

We’re offering you free, practical dialogues with these teachers over the next few weeks that we hope will help kickstart your own conscious work.

And then for those of you that want to go deep , there will be an 8-week online course where we really dive into the practice in detail. (And with full, unashamed transparency this is the bit we’re really excited about)!

Do you want to get instruction on the practice of conscious business? Show up at work with all you – your passions and aspirations, your mastery and integrity? Learn some of the most effective business approaches available today?

Do you feel called to be a part of a movement that is redefining the way we do business?

One that maybe, just maybe, could change the world?

How do you know if this is for you?

Do you ever find yourself thinking or feeling anything like…

  • I know there’s a better way of doing business where I don’t have to leave my heart and passions at the office door
  • People just don’t seem to get it! How do I communicate the importance of a more conscious approach to my colleagues and clients?
  • I get the philosophy and I’m inspired, but how do I do it when I show up at my office and for meetings with my colleagues and clients?
  • I want to create lasting change in the work I do and make a real difference. How on earth do I do that?

If you’ve ever thought anything like this, then we created this for you. Really just for you 😉

Jokes aside, we have a feeling you could be really served by the Agents of Conscious Business series and training course…

What you can get from these teachings

We’ve spent over a year now, picking the brains of leading edge business practitioners who are already having massive impact with this conscious approach.

And then we asked you – our community – what you most needed. The consensus was rather overwhelming. Practical training on how to embody a conscious approach to business.

OK, so that’s what we went and did. Jump in and…

  • Learn some of the core principles of a kind of business that will help you embrace heart, effectiveness, purpose and change in your own work
  • Empower your own conscious leadership to inspire and motivate those around you
  • Discover practical tools that will enable you to understand peoples worldviews, and have more fulfilling and effective work relationships with them
  • Grasp how to skillfully translate to people who just don’t get this whole conscious business thing
  • Learn a new model of business, where instead of struggling to keep control, you steer dynamically through the ever changing territory

What you will get for free (yes, we’re that generous ;))

  • Hear Rand Stagen explain what has enabled his company to create true, long-term transformation in the companies he works with
  • Discover what Fred Kofman says is the essential key to practicing a conscious approach to business
  • Get inspired by Brian Robertson’s story of how we can embrace the complexity of change to create massive impact in our work
  • Hear Bill Torbert explain why the relational aspect of business is so hard, and how we can address the challenge

And if you want to go even deeper…

You’ll be the first to know about our upcoming 8-week online course teaching you how to become an Agent of Conscious Business.

The course will be an experiential journey into the practice of Conscious Business, featuring all the teachers mentioned above plus Integral Leadership expert Brett Thomas and Getting Things Done creator David Allen.

Like we said, this is the bit we’re especially excited about. As far we can tell, no-one has ever put anything like this together before.

Ready to get the free teachings and be a part of this?

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We’ll send you regular updates over the next few weeks as the free teachings become available. And we’ll let you know as soon as registration for the 8-week course opens.

Game on!