How to Be an Agent
In the Conscious Business Movement
And Transform Work as we Know it


What would it look like if business was a vehicle for transformation, and changing the world, rather than simply a means for trade and profit?

How do we each play our part in that transformation, and bring our unique gifts and talents to the work we do?

What would it feel like if everything you did was an expression of our deeper ideals, embedded in a sense of freedom and self mastery? How big would the impact be!?


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It was these kinds of big questions that led us to create our training course called Agents of Conscious Business. We ran it for the first time this earlier this year, and it was a remarkable experience for perhaps everyone involved.

So, we’ve put together a mini-course using some of the materials and practices from the training which we want to give you for free.


Why are we sharing them?

Well, mainly we just want you to have them in the hope they really serve you and help you to benefit from the practices that our faculty have put together.

We’re also giving them to you to give you a taste of the full 8-week Agents of Conscious Business course which we’re going to be running for a second time this autumn, and would love to have you join if you feel called.

Either way, we want to share these materials in the spirit of generosity and hope you benefit from them in whatever way happens for you.


Explore how to work more consciously

Do you ever find yourself thinking or feeling anything like…

  • I know there’s a better way of doing business where I don’t have to leave my heart and passions at the office door
  • People just don’t seem to get it! How do I communicate the beauty of a more conscious approach to my colleagues and clients?
  • I get the philosophy and I’m inspired, but how do I do it when I’m at the office or in meetings with my colleagues and clients?
  • I want to create lasting change in the work I do and make a real difference. How on earth do I do that?

These are the kinds of noble and pressing tensions that we feel too!

And it was our pursuit of finding a way to work with, and transcend these tensions that led us to create our Agents of Conscious Business program.

Change starts with us. Consciousness is our greatest asset, and it through developing that consciousness that we pave the way to wake up business in the world.

Do you feel inspired? If so, then we invite you to sign up for the free teachings and see what can open up in front of you.


What you will get for free when you sign up

1. The Art of Conscious Business: Taking the world as your Teacher

What is the new kind of business that is emerging today? How do we align with our own sense of purpose in service of the larger world? What practices can we can take up that will set us down the path of personal mastery? How do we treat the entire world as our teacher and learn the art of being conscious in the work we do?

A 25 minute audio podcast exploring the potentials and practice of Conscious Business featuring Bill Torbert, Fred Kofman, Brian Robertson and Rand Stagen

2. The Three Integral Leadership Meta-Questions

Learn an integral leadership model which can help you to make aware, authentic and powerful decisions in whatever situation you find yourself in. Distilled from Ken Wilber’s integral theory, this practice builds immense complexity into a deceptively simple tool. You can learn it in minutes, but spend years practicing it.

A concise audio teaching excerpt and mini-workbook from Integral Leadership expert Brett Thomas

3. The Power of Response-Ability

How to really show up in any situation you face with unconditional response-ability, giving you access to change things in powerful and conscious ways for the benefit of everyone involved. This is one of Fred’s core teachings and one he’s taught to countless business practitioners and CEOs over many years.

A concise audio teaching excerpt and mini-workbook from Conscious Business pioneer Fred Kofman


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