Invest in the single greatest factor for success and impact – you!

(led by an all star cast of master practitioners)

What would it look like if business wasn’t simply a means for trade and profit? But instead was a vehicle for transformation – both of yourself, and the world around you?

What would it feel like if everything you did was an expression of your deeper ideals and purpose, embedded in a sense of freedom and self mastery? How big would the impact be!?

In other words, how can you make a huge difference, and make a great living at the same time. How can you create…

  • More income from the right sustainable sources
  • Bigger impact on the people and things you deeply care about
  • Real success without resorting to old school business paradigms

What would need to change for that to happen?

Big questions!

How’s about this for a shot at an answer…

Change starts with us. Consciousness is our greatest asset, and it’s through developing that consciousness that we pave the way to really succeed at business.

This was the consensus of our lauded Waking Up the Workplace interview series. Through talking with 17 of some of the most important Conscious Business experts on the planet, it was just so obvious.

Investing in our own consciousness is the foundation for everything in business.

So how do you do it?


A journey into how to be an agent of Conscious Business

While it can feel great to be inspired by a new perspective, or an exciting idea, it is in the practice of those understandings that we start to feel our very beings change.

That’s why we created this program.

And that’s why we believe that one of the most important things we can each do is to step into being an agent of Conscious Business. An actual embodiment, where the line between work and life dissolves into a unique blend of being what we are each called to do.

Let me be clear. This is not a standard training where you’re taught some clever tricks and tactics to ‘do’ something simply and practically (although it is practical and simple).

This is a course that goes deeper than that into what it means to embody and role-model a conscious way of doing business.

In other words it’s about upgrading your own conscious operating system, and laying the fundamental ground for you to thrive, and unleash massive impact on the people that your business serves.


I want to be honest with you for a second…

I think this course could be an amazing journey, and I want you to take it…for the right reasons.

So, with full transparency, here’s what I think this course is not:

  • Something that will change you with no effort. No, this course is rich and challenging, and demands you really engage with it.
  • The magic bullet to everything you’ve ever wanted in business (guaranteed to double your income in just 17 minutes)
  • The most amazing thing you’ve ever done in your entire life (well, I guess it could be, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee it)

I just gave you a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t attend this course. Why did I do that?

Well, because like I said, I want you to invest for the right reasons.

I want this course to stand before you naked and real, and not draped in misleading  hype and claims that I don’t think are true.


What this course can do for you

Well, first it’s unlike pretty much anything else out there (I’ve never seen anyone put together a business course like this with these kinds of teachers, that doesn’t cost a small fortune).

This is a rare opportunity to get immersed in some of the most foundational aspects of conscious business, taught by the experts themselves.

During the course you will…

  • Learn the fundamentals of Integral Leadership allowing you to skilfully motivate and influence people in any situation
  • Embed one of the most powerful approaches to decision making, freeing you from having to predict reality in advance
  • Understand the rich basis of collaborative communication, and empower your capacity for working with others in a generative fashion
  • Master the art of being a great learner, and powerfully flourish in any challenging situation
  • Learn how to develop your own spiritual intelligence, and bring your own highest self to your work
  • Get grounded in the most powerful productivity method around and free your mind to focus on what’s really important
  • Discover the keys to being a leader of transformation, and unleash your potential for long-lasting impact and courageous change


This course is for you if…

This is no ordinary course. It doesn’t focus on one single thing, or a specific skill, it’s about developing the most fundamental facet of business – you.

Which means we’re not teaching you specific tactics. We’re teaching you how to be an agent of change. Which means it can fit for you if…

  • You’re an entrepreneur, coach or consultant and want to make the next step in your business
  • You work inside an organization and want the tools to create impact in a system resistant to change
  • You’re just stepping out on the business path, and want to lay the foundations for success as quickly and stably as possible

If you want to make a difference in the world, through your own work, we designed this for you.


What you will experience during the course

We’ve always felt that there’s nothing like studying with teachers who inspire you. The kinds of people who embody their craft so well that they can actually train you to practice the things they talk about.

So, we pulled together some of the very best conscious business teachers on the planet (in our honest opinion), to create a journey through the new terrain of Conscious Business, and help you learn some core moves along the way.

These teachers were not just chosen because of what wonderful human beings they are (which they definitely are!) but because they each hold a key puzzle piece of the practice of Conscious Business.

So, here’s what the course actually looks like, module by module, teacher by teacher…

Module 1 – A Blueprint for Conscious Business Agents

with Jeroen Maes, Diederick Janse and Ewan Townhead

Jeroen and Diederick have been working in the Organisational Transformation business since 2006 when they founded their company: Realize! Ewan has traversed his way through various careers from Performing Arts, to MBA Program Manager to Conscious Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant. Together, they make up the Waking Up the Workplace team.

What you will experience in this module:

  • Explore what the Agents of Conscious Business course will cover in detail, and how the learning journey will be structured over the 9 modules
  • Navigate a blueprint for Conscious Business – what is it? How do we define it?
  • Discover who your fellow participants are and why are they here
  • Pinpoint where you are in your own journey of bringing more consciousness to your work
  • Clarify what your personal learning objectives are for the course, and how you hope to achieve them


Module 2 – Practicing Integral Leadership

with Brett Thomas

Brett is perhaps the world’s foremost Integral Leadership expert, and an executive coach with over 10,000 clocked hours of coaching CEOs. He’s also a seasoned entrepreneur and a veritable firehose of practical experience!

What you will experience in this module:

  • Why the three leadership meta-questions can give you clarity about how you can most powerfully show up as a leader in your own work environment
  • How to recognise different worldviews and know which ones are most prevalent in your own work environment
  • How to identify the four Universal Leadership Styles and the situations in which to use them
  • How to communicate most powerfully with the different worldviews using integral leadership framing and message translation tools
  • How to find and trigger people’s own internal motivation toward embracing a more conscious business approach


Module 3: Plugging your Organisation into Evolution

with Brian Robertson

Brian is the creator of Holacracy, which is in our opinion the most powerful and conscious organisational structure in existence. He is also a thoroughly nice guy, and founded his first company at the age of 12!

What you will experience in this module:

  • How to shift from a predict-and-control way of working to dynamic steering (resisting vs. facing reality)
  • How to work with tensions to create meaningful change in your decision making and strategising
  • Why differentiating organizations from people can stop competing needs from dominating your work relationships
  • How clarifying and energizing specific roles and accountabilities can release you and the people you work with to give your fullest to your collaborations
  • Whyfeeling ‘well-used by reality’ can help you surrender into the larger purpose of your work


Module 4 – Conscious Collaboration and Inquiry

with Bill Torbert

Bill had an academic career spanning over 30 years, and was one of the pioneers in the field of organisational transformation. He is perhaps best known for his book ‘Action Inquiry’, but he’s also done extensive consulting work using his mastery of developmental psychology.

What you will experience in this module:

  • Explore the Four Modes of Communication – how to utilize and identify them in your own work relationships
  • Discover how friendship could be the most powerful thing to support your development
  • Understand the Action Logic worldviews, and how to recognize their different needs and motivations
  • Uncover what the core practices are for collaborative enquiry, and how this will help you to understand the unfolding nature of reality
  • Unleash the power of triple-loop learning – how to tune into the feedback of behaviours, goals and the vision behind them


Module 5 – Playing the Authentic Game of Business

with Fred Kofman

Fred is the author of the book ‘Conscious Business’ and president of Axialent, a consulting firm that works with top businesses, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Fred is one of our very favourite teachers in the field and we’re honoured to have him teach on this course.

What you will experience in this module:

  • How to take unconditional responsibility, releasing you to be a player at work, rather than be a victim of circumstance
  • Why understanding the spiritual essence of business can help you connect the dots between the marketplace and your unique mission
  • Why being a learner vs. a knower means you don’t need to know all the right answers, and instead enable you to get curious about what you don’t understand
  • Why emotional mastery lies at the heart of being an agent of Conscious Business
  • How practicing authentic communication lets you meet people where they’re at, resolve conflicts and create intimacy and effectiveness


Module 6 – Bringing Spiritual Intelligence into the Workplace

with Cindy Wigglesworth

Cindy had a 20 year career at ExxonMobil before setting out to bring spiritual intelligence into organisations. She has just published her book SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, and we’re utterly delighted she’ll be teaching this fabulous work in this brand new module.

What you will experience in this module:

  • What spiritual intelligence (SQ) is, and why it’s at the heart of practicing Conscious Business
  • How understanding the actual behaviors and skills underlying SQ can help you assess where you are and where you want to go in your own development
  • How to reliably and instantly shift from ‘ego self’ to ‘higher self’ so you can be a wise and effective change agent
  • How you can shift your language around spirituality so that it becomes acceptable for discussion in the workplace
  • What becomes possible when you tie leadership development and culture change into people’s deep meaning-making structures


Module 7 – Conscious Productivity and Attention Management

with David Allen

David is the bestselling author of ‘Getting Things Done’, perhaps the most famous practice for productivity management. What can be easily overlooked however is the spiritual basis if his work. Productivity is so often missing from conscious business courses. Not this one!

What you will experience in this module:

  • Why paying attention to what has your attention enables you to identify your most pressing needs
  • How mastering conscious productivity will help you balance action and reflection day to day
  • Understanding the strategic value of clear space – so you can get around to the important work!
  • Why externalizing your commitments and agreements creates clarity and flow
  • Discovering the five steps that take you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling in control


Module 8 – Courageous Action: Bringing it all Together

with Rand Stagen

Rand is the co-founder and senior partner at Stagen, a consulting company doing long term transformational work. He is also the chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc, and one of the most important voices in the Conscious Business space. He also has a massive heart.

What you will experience in this module:

  • Why relating authentically rather than manipulatively helps you translate conscious business to different worldviews
  • How to use skilful means to popularize and promote the idea of conscious business
  • Why awareness is not enough – how to take courageous action in your work
  • The stories of success, what works and doesn’t work in the real world of business
  • How we can integrate the key insights and practices from the course to date as agents of Conscious Business


Module 9 – Entering the Workplace with Open Hands

with Jeroen Maes, Diederick Janse and Ewan Townhead

Jeroen and Diederick have been working in the Organisational Transformation business since 2006 when they founded their company: Realize! Ewan has traversed his way through various careers from Performing Arts, to MBA Program Manager to Conscious Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant. Together, they make up the Waking Up the Workplace team.

What you will experience in this module:

  • Why integrating a focused learning journey can help you move back into your work with more vigour, realism and perspective
  • How to evaluate your learning journey and identify what’s been most powerful for you
  • Reflecting on and consolidating your main insights from the course
  • Getting clear on what need to move forward from the experience, and re-engage the workplace with fresh ideas
  • Explore how being an Agent of Conscious Business can serve the larger world, and how we can all contribute to the mission


Bonus – A Feminine view of Conscious Business

with Irini Rockwell, Fiona Hayes & Christiane Schneider

We have had many questions from our community about what a feminine perspective of Conscious business would look like. So we brought together 3 women who we felt would have some fascinating things to say on the subject!

Irini is the founder of the Five Wisdoms Institute and trains leaders on how to bring Buddhist wisdom into their work. Fiona Hayes has been a coach for over 25 years and works with companies to help them with cultural and environmental uncertainty. Christiane is a partner at CID Partners where she specialises in designing integrative group processes and management development programs.

What you will experience during this bonus panel discussion:

  • What missing pieces might a feminine perspective have to offer to the field of conscious business?
  • How does your feminine leadership show up in the workplace?
  • Who are the examples of inspiring feminine business visionaries?
  • Where is the the feminine perspective on business showing up more and more?
  • What might an integral perspective on business, beyond masculine or feminine, look like?


What our course graduates have to say…

“A course with more return on investment than anything else I have done in my own personal development as a coach. I am still savouring the effects daily.”
– Gaston Schmitz


“I was not only deeply inspired by the teachers, examples and content but especially by the worldwide community who share a similar view. Waking Up the Workplace have done a wonderful job in providing and nourishing a field for conscious agents to grow and connect. They have both the sensitivity and the competence to guide you through the journey.”
– Katrin Goecke


“The presence and integrity of the facilitators opened up new insights, new possibilities and a profound simplicity I want to apply right away. I tested most of the ideas along the way and they are already making a difference for me and others.
– Marc Mercer

“I would recommend this course for some of my “business-cynic” friends and colleagues who are still in business – this course makes you fall in love with business again! It helped me see how business (like a relationship) can be an opportunity for growth.”
– Adi Sundari Weichselbaum


“This program has encouraged me to continue to challenge business and schools of business on their purpose, approaches and actions.  This is a must attend course to break open paradigms and expand your thinking on how businesses are and could be. Conscious business is the model of the present so that we can have a future.
-Christiane Garcia


“If a ratio were to be constructed between the quality of practical wisdom imparted and the time used for doing so, this course would easily outstrip most courses, including physically conducted leadership retreats.”
– Neelesh Marik


“Be prepared for a beautifully intense ride with amazing people from around the world giving you perspective, knowledge, depth of spirit and learning you’d never fully expect.
– Ariel Green


“It was truly an honor to be a part of this first course and I am looking forward to observing my growth as what I have just learned integrates into my consciousness.
– Avona L’Carttier



What you will get during the course

Nine Pre-Recorded 80-Minute Teaching Classes

Our teachers have shared key principles, core practices and interactive exercises to help you instil the essence of conscious business in your own work and life.

These teaching classes are pre-recorded MP3 downloads that we created during the first running of this course.


Module Workbooks

Each module has an in-depth workbook with further exercises and all the big ideas from the class to help you further unpack and practice the things you learn.

These are all available from the start of the course, so if you want to go at your own pace, these workbooks will help you do that.


Additional Bonus Materials

We’ve put together an extensive collection of extra study material that you can explore with each module, including articles, videos, MP3s and worksheets. And there’s rather a lot of it, so you can choose how deep into the content you want to go!


All Course Content in a Fully Downloadable Format

So if you can’t join the live workshops, you can simply follow the course at your own pace or catch up on anything you missed. Or maybe you’re so keen you just want to listen all over again!


Membership of the Academy Learning Platform

We had this platform specially created for this course, to allow you easy access to all the information and materials, so everything looks nice in one place.

Everything is easy to find, stream from the site, or download to listen to or print out. This course has been designed as a self study package, so I’ll be straight up and say there is limited opportunity to meet other members, however, myself and the rest of the WUtW team are only an email away.



Unfortunately, registration is currently closed.



Regards and blessings,

Ewan Townhead
CEO, Waking Up the Workplace



Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is an online course exactly?

It’s a learning program that allows you to participate from virtually anywhere in the world, providing you have an internet connection.  It means you can learn at your own speed, without spending huge amounts on plane tickets and hotel bookings! Just think how much it would cost to get these kinds of teachers in a room somewhere and to get all you eager learners to fly in to attend! Ouch.

Do I need any special equipment to participate?  

I’m guessing you have an internet connection (if you’re reading this), so you’re all set!

So the classes with the teachers are pre-recorded?  

Yes, the course was run live only the first time, and we decided to adapt the all the content so you can follow it all as a self paced, self-study program.

Money is tight – how can I still join? 

Well, we’ve got a monthly installment option, so you can spread the cost. If even that is tight for you, maybe this course isn’t the right one for you.