Conscious Business meets Integral Leadership

with Brett Thomas, Jeroen Maes & Ewan Townhead

Ewan here. Brett, Jeroen and I spontaneously decided recently that it would be really fun to record a dialogue with the three of us exploring the relationships between Integral Leadership and Conscious Business.

What unfolded was the story of how we bring integral into action. Through their respective paths, Jeroen and Brett have worked out some of the key principles of bringing a sophisticated integral worldview into business environments that don’t understand or care about it.

And also why that can get tiring over time! It’s a wonderfully relevant conversation for our times, and I really hope you get as much out of it as we did. Oh, and Brett also included some fantastic resources on Integral Leadership that you can download below, including a Universal Translator Tool and an Introduction to the Leadership Rosetta Stone.

In this interview we discuss…

  • How do we practically translate integral theory into integral action?
  • How to translate to different worldviews in a way that they can hear what you’re saying
  • Why translating to different worldviews all the time can get boring and un-fun.
  • What is exciting about creating implicit integral and conscious community




Download the Dialogue

Date of Interview: 8th May 2012



Integral Leadership Resources