Wouldn’t it be great if everything was free!?

Well, actually we don’t think so. Some free stuff rocks, but if you want to go deeper, higher cost means more resources for things to go deep. And that’s what this course is doing. We simply couldn’t do this for free. And we want to do it!

Also,  energetic exchange needs to feel good for us. Just as we feel a strong commitment to create the best course possible, we want a commitment from our participants to really engage and go forth and do good.

However, we know the reality of money being tight!

There’s nothing worse than dying to participate in an exciting course, but knowing that making that kind of financial stretch would leave you worse off than before. This is why we have a select number of scholarships available.

If you believe you would be worse off by you not participating in this course, then…

Click here to complete the Scholarship Application Form

Your application must reach us by October 16th,  and we will get back to you with our decision by October 17th.

Jeroen, Ewan & Diederick