The 3 Integral Leadership Meta-Questions

Learn an integral leadership model which can help you to make aware, authentic and powerful decisions in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Distilled from Ken Wilber’s integral theory, this practice builds immense complexity into a deceptively simple tool. You can learn it in minutes, but spend years practicing it.

A concise audio teaching excerpt and mini-workbook from Integral Leadership expert Brett Thomas


In this session you will experience…

  • How these questions can give you clarity about powerfully showing up as a leader in any situation
  • Why asking ‘what’s really happening’ helps you get in contact with your experience of any moment
  • How in essence, Integral Leadership is about understanding what’s most helpful, and being able to take right action




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About Brett

Brett Thomas is a master CEO and Change Agent Coach. He is co-founder of Stagen where he serves as the Director of Research and Development and the Director of Integral I.P. Solutions. He is the author and architect of the best-in-class 52-week intensive Integral Leadership Program(now in its 10th year). Brett is a 20-year veteran in the field of human performance and organizational development having designed and facilitated hundreds of workshops and corporate training programs. Brett has logged over 10,000 hours coaching CEOs and executives.

Brett is an active leader in the integral movement and a senior faculty member of the Integral Institute where he co-developed integral leadership with Ken Wilber. Brett served many years as the Managing Director of the Integral Institute Business and Leadership Center and on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. He currently serves as a coach and strategic advisor to the Integral Institute’s Senior Leadership Team.

Brett also serves on the boards of both Integral Leadership Review, and his forthcoming book on Integral Leadership (co-authored with Russ Volckmann) will be published by Integral Publishers.