Transparency is a real buzz word in business these days. If we’re talking about making business more conscious, then isn’t it about time to get honest and transparent with each other about what’s really going on?

Here is a powerful example of workplace transparency that my Dad sent me recently. It’s from a prime time British TV show and the guy they’re talking about is actually someone he knows :). Enjoy!


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  1. Not sure if he actually got the job though 😉

  2. ptanji says:

    Just one very dumb American question. What's a CV? I did get the point though…..Oh the games we play at work…at every level! So disengenuous, so silly, such a waste of the valuable time we have here on the planet. Thanks for the post and the laughs! And, keep up the good work! Have you checked out Worldblu yet.! Transparency is one if the corps values.

  3. Oh! It's what Americans would call a résumé 🙂

  4. danielle conroy says:

    loved it thanks guys wonderful!!

  5. First of all I would like thank Mr. Ewan for sharing this informative video! Workplace transparency meant to aware employee about the company products and services. The more information employees have about the company the more they will feel that they are integral part of business.

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  7. People are so evil and corrupt . They can't get enough money . Transparency is the only way to solve corrupt practices

  8. Every where and in every thing transparency is so important because it take you toward forward.

  9. Transparency is so important in every business and it also protect you from evil and corrupt people.

  10. totally agreed with you, transparency and honestly will to talk towards, i would recommend do not pretend be more extraordinary than you are actually. that would create really bad impression

    Paulette Dodson

  11. In every business transparency is so important without transparency business face many troubles evil and corrupt people.

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    Workplace transparency is truly amazing, because it may be the thing that can unite your and your boss which is pretty important.

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