with with Irini Rockwell, Fiona Hayes & Christiane Schneider

We have had many questions from our community about what a feminine perspective of Conscious business would look like. So we brought together 3 women who we felt would have some fascinating things to say on the subject!

Irini is the founder of the Five Wisdoms Institute and trains leaders on how to bring Buddhist wisdom into their work. Fiona Hayes has been a coach for over 25 years and works with companies to help them with cultural and environmental uncertainty. Christiane is a partner at CID Partners where she specialises in designing integrative group processes and management development programs.

What you will experience during this bonus panel discussion:

  • What missing pieces might a feminine perspective have to offer to the field of conscious business?
  • How does your feminine leadership show up in the workplace?
  • Who are the examples of inspiring feminine business visionaries?
  • Where is the the feminine perspective on business showing up more and more?
  • What might an integral perspective on business, beyond masculine or feminine, look like?

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Bonus dialogue

Date of Interview: November 13th, 2012

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