with Jeroen Maes, Diederick Janse and Ewan Townhead

Having interviewed fifteen of the world’s most pioneering conscious business teachers and practitioners in 2011, we decided it was time to move from the big ideas of conscious business to the actual practice of it. For the Agents of Conscious Business course, we’ll host both the first and the last class.


What you will experience during this class:

  • Why integrating a focused learning journey can help you move back into your work with more vigour, realism and perspective
  • How to evaluate your learning journey and identify what’s been most powerful for you
  • Reflecting on and consolidating your main insights from the course
  • Getting clear on what need to move forward from the experience, and re-engage the workplace with fresh ideas
  • Explore how being an Agent of Conscious Business can serve the larger world, and how we can all contribute to the mission

Resources to check out as preparation for the class:

  • The workbook for the module 8 class with Rand Stagen, which serves as preparation for this module’s final class (to be found here)

Download the Class Recording

Download the recording of the class (there’s no workbook for this one!).



Class 9 Recording