I am a PhD student in the Antioch University Leadership & Change Program. Two years ago, I retired from a 30 year executive healthcare career. I live in Dayton Ohio and am a community leader. I have been studying Ken Wilber and Bob Kegan's work for the last two years. I was introduced to the Wa [...]
Eldest girl of 3 born in Ireland, have worked as an Investment Banker, Executive Search Consultant and now as a business owner offering executive coaching, leadership development and team facilitation. I came across Fred Koffman and Axialent back in 2006 and was hooked. I am still trying to practice [...]
I am a founding partner of ClearSpace, LLC, a 10 year old Chicago-based consulting firm specializing in CEO and leader development and senior management team effectiveness. I love conscious capitalism! and am excited about expanding the conversation with entrepreneurs and mature business leaders in [...]