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Jani Mattsson

Website: http://www.oneevolution.fi

Email: jani.mattsson@oneevolution.fi

Joined on: May 21st, 2012


"Work, to me, is a painful open wound that needs healing, probably on both a personal and a collective level. Work used to be a chore for me, a place where I went to do the motions to get a monthly pay on my bank account. Meanwhile, I kept myself busy seeking for meaning to life outside of work. Taking reluctant motions there too, as it seems like now, letting myself being held by my attractions and aversions so much of the time. But I did also hear the whisper of life, there is another way. It required seeing more into this wound, taking the first steps into healing it. Seeing how I was and am busy participating in creating it and becoming aware of the choice I have. Exploring with curiosity all that is in the way of seeing and hearing clearly the calling of life, of what work could be, while knowing that Work can only occur Now." In the process of integrating work and life. Used to put in hours to earn a living and get into all the interesting stuff on my "free time". Was called by life to put an end to that, and have been in a transition into ... the unknown, since last September when I became an entrepreneur with the working title "conscious business consultant and coach". Hasn't been a financial success yet, and been mostly living off savings now. It's a beautiful process, nevertheless, with a lot of excitement and a little anxiety about what will happen before the savings run out. Like planting the seeds for a lawn, I'm find myself impatiently waiting to see some green and wishing it was here sooner - at the same time knowing Now is the time of my life, it's not depending on the cycles of grass growth, and experimenting how slowly it is possible to breathe relaxing into this realization. Born & live in Finland, age 35. *** SKYPE NAME: jani.mattsson