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I currently work in Poland as a psychologist, trainer and coach. I design development programs for managers and leaders. As a trainer, I assists companies in bringing forth the potential of managers. As a coach, I support individuals in their personal and professional growth. Qualifications o I am one of the pioneers of Integral Coaching in Poland. o I have authored of a number of development programs for leaders and managers, which are based on the integral approach. Experience For the last 15 years I trained managers in the area of soft skills. I designed a number of programs which enhance personal effectiveness. As a coach, for the last 5 years I supported managers and leaders in their growth. I base my work on the Integral Theory. I completed the Integral Organizational Leadership training at the Integral Institute in Colorado. I have authored articles on the integral approach and its applications, which have been published by Polish magazines and university press. I also write articles on personal development for popular monthly magazines. I have carried out a number of training, coaching and leadership development projects for Polish and international companies and universities. Education I am one of the first coaches in Poland who use the Integral Coaching method. In 2010 I completed the certification program in Ottawa, Canada and received the Professional Integral Coach certificate. I graduated from the Faculty of Electronics at the University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland, where I earned a master's degree in engineering. After graduating in Poland, I moved to Australia, where I worked as an electronics engineer and an IT specialist. In Australia, I graduated from the Behavioral Sciences Department at the University of Macquarie in Sydney, receiving B.A. degree in Psychology. I also got trained as psychotherapist, as well as trainer. Since returning to Poland in 2002 I specialize in the integral approach and its applications in the area of business. My mission is to bring the latest leadership, management and personal growth methods and tools to the managers and leaders in Poland.