Bernard Marie CHIQUET is a multi-Entrepreneur and was Senior Partner/Senior Executive in large organizations for 15 years (Ernst&Young, Capgemini, Volkswagen). He founded the Integral Governance Institute 7 years ago and is a European Leader in the practice of Holacracy. Bernard Marie believes [...]
Co-Director of Xenergie Consulting Ltd, an internationally-traded service provider of organisational analysis, OD consulting and culture sustainability development programmes based in UK and Ireland. [...]
Bill had an academic career spanning over 30 years, and was one of the pioneers in the field of organisational transformation. He is perhaps best known for his book ‘Action Inquiry’, but he’s also done extensive consulting work using his mastery of developmental psychology. [...]
I am from the Caribbean, and more specifically from Trinidad & Tobago, but I live on the island of Barbados. I enjoy living in this part of the world because the weather is usually great and the quality of life is good. In my worklife (yes, there is a split now but I would like to see work and [...]
Brett is perhaps the world’s foremost Integral Leadership expert, and an executive coach with over 10,000 clocked hours of coaching CEOs. He’s also a seasoned entrepreneur and a veritable firehose of practical experience! [...]