Facilitator / Coach working for large international bank in Leadership and Management Development. Fascinated by the original series of interviews and the work Terry Patten is doing on Beyond Awakening, I want more! [...]
Passionate about this world we live in, I believe business has the capability to make a big difference to how we look after our beautiful universe; if only we stop focusing on "money" as the most important outcome. I am a mum and a grandma, I cycle and I sail, I have worked in social business, in [...]
Fred Kofman, Ph.D. is the co-founder and President of Axialent, an international consulting company in the areas of leadership and organizational learning. He has developed and taught programs in leadership, personal mastery, team learning, organizational effectiveness, coaching for managers and coa [...]
Entrepreneur and coach with formal working experience in 19 mostly developing countries. I choose to cultivate mindfulness in my daily work. Professional experience with marketing in developing countries (Unilever Mozambique), project management to coach entrepreneurs in the South-East Europe (Spark [...]