Co founder of Elevation B.V in the Netherlands. Interested in innovation and renewal of organizations. I believe this will be reached by combination of direction and movement. [...]
I am an integral coach based in Northern California, USA, specializing in professional and personal coaching. My coaching is informed by over 25 years of business and marketing leadership in the technology and consumer package goods industries. I have experience living and working in Asia, in Japan [...]
"Work, to me, is a painful open wound that needs healing, probably on both a personal and a collective level. Work used to be a chore for me, a place where I went to do the motions to get a monthly pay on my bank account. Meanwhile, I kept myself busy seeking for meaning to life outside of work. Tak [...]
My name is Janne Asmala and I believe change and transformation are natural parts of our lives as individuals, as organizations, and as societies. The only thing we need to do is to relax our fixed answers. Looking within, I strive to live this belief through meditation and attentive listening. L [...]
Co-Founder Realize! & Waking Up the Workplace / Conscious Business / Innovative Entrepreneur / Explorer / Positive Social Impact / World Traveler / Enjoys Life! [...]