Consultant, busy reinventing the workplace and consultancy, curious to learn with and from clients, hoping to get closer to meaningful en joyfull cooperation of people [...]
I´m 46, happily married and have two kids, I´m also a food engineering and my dream is to build a bridge from Argentina to the world. So I´m starting my food exporting company [...]
I have been in roles as General Manager now for 7 years across the health and IT industries in Australia. Clinically trained as a physiotherapist, I have more recently been exploring my passion for leading teams and cultural transformation. I am driven by an interest in alternative therapies, in p [...]
Ingrid van Rossum, Social entrepreneur, management consultant. Married 3 sons with a passion for improving and innovating your self and the company. values: Responsibility Transparency, Innovation and experiencing. Ambition to create 'healthy people and organizations. and trying out 'shared leaders [...]