Brian Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and organizational pioneer. He is most well-known for his work developing Holacracyâ„¢, an organizational operating system that concretely embodies the new capacities called for by many organizational thought-leaders today. He currently works [...]
I have been working in the leadership development field as an independent consultant since 1975, mostly for corporations. Now I am highly skeptical of corporations and I am only interested in helping small businesses or individuals with their efforts to be more effective and more fulfilled. I live [...]
Dutch woman, 52, married, 2 sons living with me and my husband. Excited about empowerment, freedom of choice, fun at work, people in general and my personal growth. Curious, intelligent and conscious feeling capacity. [...]
I am Canadian, have French Citizenship and have lived in Canada except for 3.5 years in the Netherlands. I have traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Asia and some to North and South Africa. I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and from York University with an MBA. [...]
Tim Haggstrom is the Executive Director of The Chosen Path, Inc., an innovative consulting firm that specializes in developing and delivering experiential learning for the private and nonprofit sectors. Tim has also served for over 15 years as the “Director of Fun” at People First Group [...]